Tree-free fuel

DSC00173Did you know that in many countries trees are an important part of the tea making process? The energy needed to dry the leaves that we enjoy in every cup often comes from wood fuel, and one of our challenges has been to try and help this wood to be sourced sustainably so that it does not damage indigenous forests in tea growing countries.

As well as supporting projects that help to address wood fuel needs for communities and tea farms (you can find out more here), we’ve also been helping to pioneer new ways to generate energy for the process. On a recent trip to one of our top Kenyan suppliers, Makomboki tea factory, John the factory manager was keen to tell us about the success of an initiative, part-funded by our Supplier Grant Scheme, to install the biomass dryer for their new briquette machine which uses waste biomass to generate energy for tea processing.

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National Tree Week


We’ve been celebrating National Tree Week by getting together with children from St Barnabas School in York to plant trees in their school grounds. Thanks to our ‘Seedlings at Schools’ project with environmental charity, Groundwork, the eco-friendly youngsters planted a mixture of native saplings, which they’ll be able to care for over the years.

As well as planting trees in practice, the children are learning about why trees are so important – both for the environment and for people.

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Seedlings at Schools


We’re excited to have launched our Seedlings at Schools initiative, working in partnership with local environmental charity Groundwork.

Thanks to all those who support Bettys Trees for Life initiatives we’re providing valuable environmental education to primary school children around Yorkshire.

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Planting in Malawi

SAM_3817 (2)

Each year, we invite the people who supply our Yorkshire Tea and Taylors Coffee to apply for our Taylors Grant Scheme.

This fund helps tea and coffee producers make changes and improvements to their farms and cooperatives. Our supplier comes up with the idea, and we each fund half the cost. This year our grants helped to support projects ranging from water projects in Kenya and Guatemala to a musical project in Brazil and cooking stoves in Kenya. There were also a good few tree-planting projects inlcuding the planting of 50,000 indigenous tree seedlings in Malawi.

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Digging in at Harlow Carr

17102014BE_0135We donned our wellies to plant 150 saplings at our Trees for Life Wood at RHS Garden Harlow Carr. The wood, which will tell the story of the importance of trees in our lives, is being planted up this autumn with a plethora of young, native trees such as Rowan, Willow, Hornbeam, Oak and Pine.

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Kenyan Forests

pupils offloading seedlingsWhile Bettys focuses its efforts on tree planting in our beautiful Yorkshire landscape, at Taylors we’ve been working on a project which, amongst other things, attempts to reduce the environmental impact of tea farming in Kenya.

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I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees

Where did the tokens go?

Peru2014 001

Just by buying Yorkshire Tea or Taylors coffee you are helping to plant and protect trees around the world. This is because every year we aim to donate 5% of all our profits to charity projects including the Yorkshire Rainforest Project.

We’re also hugely grateful to the customers who have collected tokens on packs of Yorkshire Tea and Taylors Coffee. The tireless support and enthusiasm for our conservation work from our customers is one of the main reasons we’re still committed to planting and protecting trees after 24 years.

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Autumn at Bettys

photo 2

Autumn has come to Bettys with the arrival of our Woodland promotion, celebrating the joy of trees and the beauty and biodiversity of our woodland habitats.

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National Treasures

2048px-Lime_treeWhile much of our tree planting and protection work has been in the tea and coffee growing countries we source from, we have also planted thousands of trees in our beautiful Yorkshire countryside. It’s an opportunity to raise awareness of the value of trees and woodlands as ‘national treasures’ in our home communities – beautifying local spaces and supporting a huge variety of wildlife.

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The Rainforest Project in Peru

Peru2014 764

In 2009 we launched an ambitious project to help save an area of rainforest the size of Yorkshire – that’s 1.5 million hectares of forest.

We’ve been bowled over by the support we’ve received so far and working with the Rainforest Foundation UK we’ve already helped to protect 237,000 hectares of Amazonian rainforest in Peru – an area roughly the same size as the Yorkshire Dales. Recently we were able to visit Peru to see how the project had progressed.

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